Sally B Maurer , Josephine Westenberger, Stephanie Sapio, Dr. Thomas Y Lee, Christina DeFamio, Stephanie Moon, Elease Coney, Christine Forward

Providers not shown are Deborah Larmer, Beth Taylor, and Cynthia Tourigianprovider photo 2015


Phoenix Housecall Associates of South Jersey is a Physician / Nurse Practitioner operated practice that provides in-home medical care to chronically ill patients. Our healthcare providers have a combined total of over 50 years of experience of providing housecalls.

As part of your healthcare team we will work closely with your specialist. We also work in partnership with various nursing agencies, physical and occupational therapists, podiatrists and optometrists.


Office Staff

Maureen Meidt Finance and Billing Director, Ma’Sheil Latham Office and Credentialing Director, Erin Kovba Administrative Assistant and Medical records, Crystal Murray Patient Intake and Insurance Coordinator.

office staff pic #1 2015